Increase Your Conversion Rates With Our Click-to-Call Feature

If you haven't considered adding a Click-To-Call button on your website, now's the time you do. Consider this: 88% of website visitors are more likely to call a company with a click-to-call link on their website.

Setting up click-to-call ensures that visitors on your site are able to call your phone number directly by simply clicking on the number from a mobile phone or device.

While you may convert any text like "Call Us" into a clickable link, it may be more useful to include the phone number itself. To create a click-to-call button, wrap your number (use international dialling format) in a tel: scheme, using the syntax:

"<a href="tel:(number)">number or text </a>"

Try calling our phone number: (703) 596 - 8989

Benefits of Adding Our
Click to Call Functionality

Increase Conversion Rate

If you include a Click-to-Call CTA, it could increase the conversion rate of your products or services. Studies show that phone calls have 30-50% conversion rates. In fact, just displaying a phone number in noticeable areas of your website has a great impact on the overall conversion.

Improve Mobile Use

61% of mobile searchers say that click-to-call feature is very useful during the purchasing phase. In addition, 52% of mobile users need to call while researching a product and service they are planning to avail.

FoneAPI Interconnect

Pick the interconnection model that works best for your use case, whether you want to connect over public internet, encrypt that traffic with SRTP & TLS, leverage your existing MPLS circuit, create an IPSec VPNTunnel to FONE API, or peer with us directly.

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