“With FONE API, our Police Department can respond to any incidents within the demographics of North Carolina. We have vital resources, appointment notifications as well as real-time local news that could prevent losses and discomfort to the general public.

- Chris Boltzmann, Communications Specialist Of Greenville Police N.C.

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Incidents and accidents are everywhere. They can happen anytime, anywhere. It is of the utmost importance that police are always present at these events.

Technology notifies the police department so they can respond to the incident as fast as possible. They need to respond so they can lessen the effects of the incidents or accidents. They won't be able to do their job if they are not notified that an unusual event has occurred to their controlled area. They need people to communicate with them but not all people have the ability to inform the police in the fastest way.

In 2015, traffic deaths or deaths from road accidents in North Carolina came up to 19%. Deaths from other incidents such as drug raids, street fighting, gang wars, etc. is 25%.

These numbers can be lessened if the Police as well as other government authorities are notified as soon as possible; they may even be able to prevent unusual events from happening if informed early enough.

“If someone notifies us, we can start working,” said by Rick James, Police Officer of Greenville Police. “We cannot help them if they’re not going to help us.”.

But since not all people can reach them, the Police Department has had to come up with ways for how people can connect to them.

“We believe that we also need to help the citizens on how they can contact us in the most comfortable and easiest way. We also need to notify them of the possible unusual events that may happen. We need to communicate with each other to attain the peace that we’re all aspiring,” said by Chris Boltzmann, Communications Specialist of the Greenville Police.

FONE API to the Rescue

The police department should inform its citizens about the events currently happening. The citizens should also reciprocate this.

Greenville Police tried the services of FONE API to connect and engage with its citizens around North Carolina and also nearby states. “We thought that we could only reach a few people because of the budget, but with FONE API, the impossible became possible,” said James Spencer, Public Relations Officer of the Greenville Police.

“The engagement rates with our citizens increased up to 86%. Based on the survey that we’ve conducted, the citizens of the area that we’re covering feel more secure once they receive SMS and MMS updates from us. We keep it personalized, witty yet straight-to-the-point to add a different feeling once they read the message. They can also send us messages so we’re also informed what’s happening in their area. This is all done by using FONE API!” added by James Spencer.

The death rates from the accidents and other incidents dropped by around 61% on the first month that FONE API services were used. The response rate and engagement rate of Greenville Police are drastically increased. The relationship between the citizens and police also increased.

“With FONE API, the trust rating of Greenville Police increased a lot. Citizens trust us more, and they feel safer when we’re around. The morale of the policemen became high so we’re motivated to do more and to do better to serve and protect our citizens,” said by Sergeant Jerry Sims of the Greenville Police.

Connect to more people with FONE API and see the difference. It isn’t just for sending messages -- it can, quite literally, save lives.

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