Why Us?

FONE API Communications Solutions is a communications platform that provides Application Programming Interfaces or APIs for Text Messaging, Voice, Video, and Authentication.

From day one, our vision has been to remove communication barriers so that any business or individual may communicate regardless of time, distance, and device. FONE API Communications Solutions is a communication platform that provides Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, for text messaging, voice, video, and authentication. Our APIs handle the complex task of building and maintaining multifaceted communication frameworks to enable businesses and developers to focus on adding value and creating consumer-friendly applications.

Over the years, we have successfully developed a cloud-based communications platform that allows modern businesses to communicate competitively through all relevant channels with easy-to-integrate SDKs. Our services enable businesses to increase their reach, establish their brand, and expand by using advanced digital communication channels to deliver a combination of smart and tactical solutions that communicate with target audiences with the right message, using the ideal channel, at the right moment. We have worked with major clients including WA Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Citibank, 7eleven, P.F. CHANG’S, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

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High-End Security Features

Global Reach

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Lightning Fast Delivery

24/7 Support

High-Performance Direct Connections

Integrated Communication

Simple and flexible telecommunication infrastructure, which allows you to communicate with anyone globally.

Dynamic Routing

Control your call flows with a powerful set of call control features allowing complex voice use cases.

Compliance Engine

FONE API's platform helps automate sequences or chain of commands, local compliance, as well as sender IDs.

Quality Messaging Engine

Receive the best deliverability via a rules engine supported by our international, direct-to-carrier network.

Global Network

Connecting to over 1,600 carriers worldwide, our platform is one with the greatest geographical reach.

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Management Solutions

Improve your productivity. Do more in less time with these management tools.

Monitoring & Logs

Monitor workflows, evaluate processes, and perform the necessary actions to address problems in real-time.

API Gateway

Increase your app's efficiency, minimize errors, and lessen coding efforts using our flexible APIs.

Reliability and Performance

FONE API ensures 99.99% uptime and 100% throughput to let you deploy with ease and confidence 24/7.

Data Protection & Encryption

Secure sensitive data using our high-end security protocols that include end-to-end encryption, personal and data passwords, and system-level security.

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Analytics & Reporting

Gather all the resources you need to measure productivity and track data performance in a snap.

Developer Resources

Get direct access and learn instructional resources for your own projects. Include API samples and libraries.


FONE API comes with several libraries in your preferred languages and frameworks. In addition, it lists third-party plugins and libraries to help you to improve the functionality on other platforms.

Tutorials and Tips

Get a wealth of information from our tutorials and resources to create your own amazing tools. Includes videos, how-to’s, and many more free tutorials.

Quickstart Guide

The quickest way to get started with FONE API.

Command Line Interface

Consistent interface that lets you conveniently manage and interact with all parts of FONE API.


Allows developers to develop powerful solutions and create innovative apps.