United Way: Bringing A Brighter Future

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United Way Worldwide provides support to approximately 1,800 communities in 45 countries. It promotes the common good and builds better opportunities for everyone with the emphasis on education and health.

United Way is an advocate of better living conditions. For over 125 years, it has strived to improve the quality of education for all children. Their faith rooted in the belief that children who acquire better education will find decent jobs and pay it forward by creating better lives for the people around them and in their communities.

The Struggle

United Way counts on humanitarian efforts and donations to provide help where it is needed the most. However, using traditional systems has made their everyday processes and essential tasks very challenging.

Receiving a donation alone goes through half a dozen different processes, including documentation, allocation, monitoring, confirmation, and reconciliation. Each one is logged in a separate system, which makes data gathering even more complicated. In addition, an advanced management system is necessary for supervising projects and connecting with the support base.

The Solution

United Way realized that a modern infrastructure can resolve its difficulties and free its workforce to carry out more important activities and duties. In its quest to automate donation procedures and volunteer works, the group found FONE API, which features cloud-based fundraising and end-to-end capability that United Way needed to accomplish its complicated process of delivering financial aid.

“With FONE API we have achieved better coordination of our volunteer programs and provided financial assistance to students in far-off corners of the continents. By customizing FONE API, we bootstrapped our organization and very easily started handling loans, communicating with microfinance partners, and managing volunteers without needing to build our system from scratch,” reveals Advocacy Director Eustace Neel.

The group uses FONE API to record new and prospective associates, communicate with lenders, monitor volunteers in the field, perform risk analysis and validation, and supervise fundraising efforts. Its support staff handles 4,000+ cases every month with a target response time of 24 hours.

We’ve developed an incredibly stable system with FONE API to push past the limitations that we encountered before,” explains Neel. With the help of new partners, United Way has diversified the loans it offers to assist students in getting a college education and embark on a journey never before accessible to them.

Paving The Road for Better Education

Image of Someone Waking up Smiling with Mobile Phone on Her Hands:

United Way is tapping into revolutionary technology such as FONE API to increase awareness and highlight the discussion on the importance of education. With the extensive resources integrated with FONE API, United Way has the ability to forge deeper connections among the communities they serve, restore hope, and provide better academic opportunities to more children.

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