"A simple text can go a long way - from getting customers to join events up to spreading the news on promos and discounts; everything is a lot easier via SMS."

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Over the years, as the population of North America continues to grow, more and more people are filled with enthusiasm to reinvest in their most precious asset -- their home. As different trends begin to emerge, people are remodeling, enhancing, and tackling more projects on their own and are coming to The Home Depot to do their shopping.

As it is a "feel good" store: it’s a place where they feel comfortable about walking in and seeking consultations on what to get and how to do their project ideas. It’s about paying a low price for quality products and returning from time to time to make more convenient purchases.

As the largest home center retailer in the United States, The Home Depot, Inc. operates 478 warehouse stores and sells more than 40,000 items to both the rapidly growing do-it-yourself home improvement market and the construction professionals. The stores are available in 19 states and in different regions of the US. Most Home Depot outlets are located in the urban areas of California & Florida. A typical Home Depot warehouse has an average of 105,000 square feet of stocks building materials, wall and floor coverings, paint, plumbing supplies, hardware, tools, electrical supplies, and supplies for landscaping and gardening.

The Impact of A Simple SMS

With the evolution of the modern times, the rapidly changing pace of the trends in the market, we at The Home Depot are envisioning more years of dynamic profitability, sales, growth, and success for our clients, associates, as well as our stockholders.

“For a quick view on what the company has accomplished since 1978, our years of expertise made us become the world’s largest home improvement retailer with over 2,282 nationwide stores, including Mexico & Canada. We’ve had over $94.6 Billion as our revenue in 2016. We already have more than 400,000 associates as well as more than $1 Billion of shared success for over the past five years. And are proud to say that we’ve made great achievements for being able to transform 34,500 veteran homes via the Team Depot Volunteers,” said Luke Foster.

“What’s great is that we have more than 35,000 products in our stores and over a million products to offer online. And now, everything is much easier in reaching our prospects and clients because of the convenience of sharing text messages to inform them of our available products and exciting promos that our valued customers can take part of for a limited time,” says Jack Martin. “FONE API was the best investment we ever made as it covers exactly everything that we’ve been looking for to lead our company to more productivity and success.”

“Now, shopping online makes a great difference for both our customers and the company. And the best part is knowing the status of our delivery and reaching or connecting to the customers to let them know when their items will exactly arrive at their doorstep. This seamless and effective network of communication is all thanks to FONE API,” said Olivia Samson, sales associate manager.

Now getting what you need is as simple as sending a text. Because you can join our important events, you can also participate in our promos, as well as avail our discounts in order to get the best deal possible for your needs of home improvement. We’re glad to have a growing number of satisfied and loyal customers who never fails to thank us for letting them know that we care and would want to give them the best value for their money. This is all thanks to FONE API.

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