“Drastically improved our response time by using FONE API. The anxiety of our customers fade”

- Dan Richards, CEO

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SELECT Heating and Cooling Corp provides residential and commercial heating, ventilation, cooling and plumbing services in the metropolitan area of Washington for over 30 years. The company is very familiar with the area, housing types, and the effects of extreme temperatures in heating, cooling, and plumbing systems.

A certain study shows that around 96% of the customers become very anxious if the contractors or service providers don’t update them in real-time. Once the customers become anxious, 67% of those tend to cancel the agreement. This means that the resources to persuade those customers will come into waste as well as the potential income you can get from them.

“We feel that our services are the best in terms of HVAC and Plumbing Services that we can offer to people. But we realized that it’s not all about the quality of the technical services we can offer... A large percentage of successful sales come on how we’re going to treat the clients,” said Mick Martins, Assistant Manager of SELECT. Martins also added that, “We focus on investing a lot to improve the quality of our HVAC and Plumbing Services. But not on the response time that the customers want. I conclude now that customers need attention. They need attention because they feel more secure with it. They will trust us more and they will avail and recommend our services to others.”

The FONE API Effect

Since SELECT Heating and Cooling Corp. realized the importance of communicating with their customers. They avail the SMS and MMS messaging, Video, and Voice services of FONE API.

“FONE API helps us to engage and interact more with our clients. Our customers are always updated real-time and drastically improved our response time by using FONE API. The anxiety of our customers fade,” said Dan Richards. “They let us personalize our messages to our clients so they will feel that we’re actually talking to them. They also allow us to send files like photos, videos or even PDF files to inform and notify our customers in the best possible way.”

By sending messages, pictures, videos or any files to their clients, their sales increased by 77% during the first month of using FONE API services. Engagement rates have doubled and their brand got noticed by larger audiences outside the metropolitan area of Washington. They now expand their area to a large portion of the United States.

Dan Richards, CEO of SELECT Heating and Cooling Corp. said, “FONE API completely surpassed our expectations. We’re definitely going to use its services and we’re going to recommend it to our partners and affiliates. Low-cost but very effective and ideal short term plans that will make you feel more secure.”

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