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Powerful Call Control

Control your call flows with a powerful set of call control features allowing complex voice use cases.

Call Recording

Store & record inbound and outbound (software-initiated) calls. Inclusion of split-recording and dynamic contextual recording features coming very soon.

Voice Conferencing

Starting a conference in just one line of code made easy with powerful enterprise features.

Speak your Customers’ Language

Utilize our text-to-speech engine in over 25 languages, in different genders and accents.

Inbound Call Processing

Manage inbound calls in developer-friendly JSON with FONE API Call Control Objects.

Voice Proxy

Protect your customers’ identities by masking their phone numbers with a voice proxy solution.

IVR Voice Menus

Build interactive voice response (IVR) menus on the fly, and integrate them easily into your application.

Genuine Per-Second Billing

Get charged only for what you use, down to the second, with no long-term contracts

Telco Features

Gain access to all of our telco features like DTMF support, dynamic CLI, and a wide range of codecs.

Get real-time Data

Track & monitor costs and other analytics in real-time through our online dashboard.

SIP Trunking

We keep latency to a minimum through our simple & flexible SIP trunks with geographical routing.

Private Voice Communication

Facilitate communication while protecting privacy

Protect user privacy

Protect users’ privacy by connecting them without exposing their real phone numbers.

Avoid revenue leakage

Keep conversations between users on your marketplace to avoid off-platform transactions.

Obtain new insights

Track, record, and analyze calls to gain new insights on your business.

Other Essential Voice Use Cases

Call Tracking

Track call metadata for lead generation and marketing campaigns.

Voice Broadcast

Reach customers with marketing or other broadcast messages with outbound phone calls and optional IVR feedback.

Simple IVR

Add a simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR) script to your existing applications.

Advertising Campaigns with Inbound Call Whisper

Use a call whisper to tell your call center agent which campaign the call concerns before they greet the caller.

Voice-Based Critical Alerts

Enable worldwide delivery and receipt of critical alerts via phone calls.



Automated failover ensures that you have 99.95% uptime SLA without the need for a maintenance window.


Apply existing apps to new markets by configuring features for compliance and localization.


Use a single platform for voice, SMS, video, authentication, chat, and more.

Without hassles

Gain free support, have the freedom to scale your business, and market faster with pay-as-you-go.

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