“We can increase the success rate of the appointments and customer’s engagement in the healthcare industry by taking advantage of FONE API technologies”


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Montgomery Medical is responsible for all of the healthcare needs of your family and of every person in society. Around an average of 677 appointments are scheduled every week for check-ups, continuous updates, and maintenance. Unfortunately, not all of these appointments are successful. Many patients don't attend their scheduled appointment for a multitude of reasons.

Around 30% of these patients forget that they have a scheduled appointment. Others have no reason at all (26%); clerical errors (10%); felt better (8%), fearful of being seen by junior doctor (3%); inpatient in another hospital (3%); miscellaneous or other reasons (20%).

“A large number of non-attenders claimed to have forgotten their appointment or to cancel it. Supposedly, these numbers reflect apathy. If there are no strategies to improve attendance, it will be more likely to have a great impact,” said Richard Jaxon, Public Relations Officer of Montgomery Medical.  

Jaxon also added, “We invested a lot on setting up a large number of appointments, but not on how to improve the attendance of our patients… so we must create new strategies to improve it.”

The Power of Communicating

“By conducting extensive research, we found out that we need to engage and interact more with our patients. We need to communicate with them by constantly reminding them about their appointments in the right ways,” said Jerick Sunker, President of Montgomery Medical.

By realizing the power of communicating with people, Montgomery Medical avail the services of FONE API. It lets their patient informed if their appointment was set or changed. It also adds personalization and comfort to every message conveyed.

Arthur Smith, Records Custodian of Montgomery Medical said, “by using FONE API messaging solutions, the number of successful appointments for the month of May 2017 became tripled compared to the month of May 2016.” This means that constantly reminding your patient by sending SMS and MMS messages can drastically affect the success rate of your scheduled appointments.

“FONE API helps us to engage more with our patients. We are also able to maintain a continual relationship with our patients, that makes it twice as fast for them to heal by constantly giving them moral support and information needed for their fast recovery,” added by Senker.

Reaping the benefits

With FONE API, Montgomery Medical connects and engages more with their patients. Allowing them to build trust and relationship so they can schedule and book more successful appointments.

Constant communication also helps the patients to recover and heal faster by sending them inspirational messages such as quotes, which motivates them to become better and to do better.

By sending messages to a huge amount of people, Montgomery Medical also gets the attention of many people and they also enjoy additional free marketing.

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